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If you reside in a state or federal declared disaster area you qualify for 30% discount on all in stock equipment.  Computers, monitors sound systems, video systems, Plasma Displays, LCD TV's, LCD Monitors LCD Projectors.  We can ship overnight anywhere or pick up from one of our national locations: 
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Disaster Computer Rentals call 24/7  866-858-1174 for your Business Survival

If or when computer equipment becomes unavailable for any reason, it can be crippling, even devastating, for a company. Creating a backup plan in advance of a disaster is critical to sustain a business’ ongoing profitability. Technology Event Rentals has a program to overcome and mitigate downtime in any disaster situation. The service enables subscribers to have backup computer hardware required to run their business, then in the event of a disaster or unforeseen circumstance, Technology Event Rentals acts immediately upon notification to deliver the equipment to the subscriber’s location of choice. With our vast experience and wealth of resources we offer you the assurance that this critical component of your Business Continuity program can be relied upon in the event of a disaster.  Information Links

Why Technology Event Rentals?

Given our years of experience in the equipment rental industry, Technology Event Rentals has the expertise and is in a unique position to provide business continuity services nationwide. Our established processes allow us to ship hundreds of assets, on time, every day to customers who have next day delivery requirements. With certified technicians in every location and an experienced sales department, we are dedicated to our commitment to provide first rate service to our customers. Our core competency in computer rentals coupled with the rapid dynamic of fulfillment, lends a natural progression for Technology Event Rentals  to add the Disaster Reaction Program for Business Continuity to our portfolio of services.

Disaster Reaction Program Planning

With just one phone call to Technology Event Rentals 866-858-1174, our communication network instantly reacts to notify our Disaster Reaction Program Team to take action. Day or night, weekday or weekend, Technology Event Rentals will respond to your disaster event flawlessly. Disaster Reaction Program enables subscribers to pre-select computer hardware to meet their specific requirements, so when the need arises, delivery takes place immediately. Our flexibility to adapt during an actual disaster with full or partial deployments can be arranged. The features of our Disaster Reaction Program meet the specifications of the most meticulous Business Continuity Plans. Contact us to learn more about the program at 866-858-1174 or email Disaster Reaction Program Planning at EVENTS@expos4products.com.

Disaster Reaction Program Features

· Shipment of predetermined hardware within 4-24 hours

· Conformance testing (full or partial)

· On-site technical support available

· Continuous 7x24 hour technical support

· Capability to pre-load software

· Capability to custom configure hardware

· Extensive inventory of hardware

· Nationwide locations

Conformance Testing Services

Technology Event Rentals recognizes the importance of conducting mock disaster exercises to ensure that when you need it most, your Company’s Business Continuity Program works. Technology Event Rentals offers multiple levels of conformance testing options for subscribers. Periodic testing will facilitate a higher level of preparedness in the event you actually have to react in a disaster situation.


· Operational exercise of conformance to plan

· Shipment of customized configurations

· Hardware delivered or shipped to your test site

· Ability to pre-load software

· 24 x 7 technical support is available


· Servers

· Desktops P IV 3.2 systems to P III

· Laptop/Notebooks P IV 3.06 to P III

· Routers, Hubs and other LAN connectivity

· Printers

· Peripherals and Accessories

Technology Event Rentals has nationwide offices and centrally located Distribution Centers can accommodate the loading of your software on pre-selected hardware prior to shipping to your testing site. Custom Software loads through standard Operating System images loaded from our centralized server are guaranteed to be virus free.

Distribution and Delivery

Technology Event Rentals two main Distribution Centers and nationwide field offices are strategically located throughout the U.S. to enable Technology Event Rentals to ship, or deliver, product within hours after notification of a disaster event. Over 70 percent of our normal day-to-day rental business orders require next day delivery. With our years of experience, we have the expertise needed to react quickly in a crisis situation.

Delivery Features

· Strategic locations in major metropolitan cities

· Fully automated shipping system through FedEx and a host of other carriers

· Coordinated "time critical" deliveries by dedicated distribution specialists

· Shipment of hundreds of assets daily throughout the United States

Call  866-858-1174 for more information and ask for Duane Wangenheim

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Rapid access to computer and online communication equipment in a disaster situations is a prerequisite to protecting an organization's ability to operate. Planning for unexpected interruptions is equally important to business survival.

Technology Event Rentals has developed Predetermined Hardware, a premier product custom designed to aid an organization in the event of a disaster situation.

The guaranteed supply of equipment and the speed at which it can be accessed is critical. Down Time Reduction allows the customer to define the circumstances that constitute a disaster as well as the response times required, from 4 to 72 hours.

By focusing on the provision of computer based equipment, Technology Event Rentals will help ensure that your organization can continue to trade with a minimum of disruption

Links www.disaster-resource.com | www.fema.gov | |www.allstate.com/Catastrophe/PageRender.asp?Page=howprepare.htm |
|www.drie.org | www.rothstein.comwww.alertnet.org/ |www.colorado.edu/hazards/resources |
|www.emergency.com  | www.drj.com | www.disaster-survival.com |

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