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Audio Video Equipment Rentals carries leading brands in Notebooks, Plasma Displays, Macs, Monitors and more. But it's not just about the equipment we rent. You benefit from Technology Equipment Rentals leading expertise in handling Trade Shows, Conventions, Conferences and other special event projects.  
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RENT Plasma Displays, Plasma TV's.  Use a Plasma VideoWalls, for your exhibit display backdrop two sizes available, 7'X4' and 10'X 6' multi-display systems,   What is a plasma display and why use one ? Latest Plasma Screen Information, NEW 20 inch, 27 inch, and 30 inch LCD HDTV display rentals.   Call 866-858-1174 or 818-687-3781 for plasma display prices.  News about Flexible Display Products, Plasma Display Shipping Cases from $160 per week, Flat Panel LCD TV Rentals, A/V Rentals, Mobile VideoWalls 9'X12' and larger, Elmo Projectors, Visual Presenters, Computer rentals,  Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, Mac's...G5, G4, PowerBooks, COLOR Laser Printers, LCD Projectors from 1200 to 30,000 lumens, Multi-Screen Video Projectors, Projection Screens,  2000 Lumen DLP Projectors, Flat Panel LED and LCD Monitors and TV's, Lighting, Digital Cameras, Wireless Microphones, Speakers, Movie Props, and Polycom audio video conference rentals.  Let me quote your next rental for trade shows, special events, meetings and new product announcements. National offices serving Meeting Planners, Hotels Visitor Bureaus and Convention Centers in Arlington, Atlanta, Anaheim, Austin, Beverly Hills, Boston, Burbank, Chicago, Chattanooga, Dallas, Fort Worth, Fresno, Glendale, Hollywood, Hartford, Houston, Irvine, Las Vegas Convention Centers, Las Vegas Hotels, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Nashville, New Orleans, New Port, New York, Oakland, Ontario, Orlando, Pasadena, Phoenix, Pomona, Providence, Portland, Santa Clara, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, San Francisco, Bay Area, San Jose, Santa Monica, Salt Lake City, Tucson and Washington DC. Same Day* Delivery in the Los Angeles Area. If you exhibit at E-3, all national Game events and playoffs, and all major national expos providing direct service email for pricing and company  Information  Call 866-858-1174 for Prices.  Fax your request for quote to 973-215-3945


Visitor Bureaus and Convention Centers


Catalog of audio visual rental equipment for tradeshows and special events.
Pentium Desktops
Desktop Accessories
Pentium Laptop/ Notebooks
Notebook Accessories
Network Servers
Plasma Displays,
 LCD TV and Monitors as Stand-Alone
Monitor Accessories
LCD Projectors
Video Monitors
Other A/V-Related Products
Sound System Sets
Overhead Projectors
35mm Slide Projectors
Projection Screens
Carts & Stands
Meeting Aids
PC Compatible Laser Printers
Network Accessories
Pentium Desktops
HP  P4-3.0 MT-Blk (512M, 80G, CD-RW, 64M Video Card, 10/100 NIC)  
Dell P4-2.4 MT-Blk (256M, 40G, 32M GTS AGP, DVD-CD, 10/100 NIC
Dell Optiplex P3-800 (256M, 10G, 16M PCI VGA, 20/48X, 10/100 NIC)
Dell Optiplex P4-1.4 MT-Blk (256M, 20G, 32M GTS AGP, 16X DVD, 10/100 NIC)
Dell Optiplex P4-1.7 MT-Blk (256M, 20G, 32M GTS AGP, 16X DVD, 10/100 NIC)
Micron P3-800 (256M, 10G, 16M PCI VGA, 20/48X, 10/100 NIC)
Desktop Accessories
128M Desktop Memory Upgrade - Dell P4 (Install in Pairs)  
256M Desktop Memory Upgrade - Dell P4 (Install in Pairs)
56K External Modem
3COM External ISDN Modem
3COM ISDN LAN Modem 4-port
Pentium Laptop/ Notebooks
Dell Inspirion P4-2.8ghz (256M, 40G, DVD-CD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)  
Dell Inspirion P4-2.4ghz (256M, 20G, DVD-CD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
Dell Inspirion P4-2.0ghz (256M, 20G, DVD-CD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
Dell Latitude P3-650 (256M, 12G, 24XCD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
Dell Latitude P3-650 (256M, 12G, 8X DVD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
HP P4-2.8 (256M, 30G, 24XCD-RW, 8X DVD, 56K,10/100NIC, Snd)
Compaq Armada P3-650 (128M, 12G, 24X CD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
Notebook Accessories
64M Notebook Memory Upgrade - IBM TP-600x
128M Notebook Memory Upgrade - IBM TP-600x
Network Servers
Dell PowerEdge (designed to meet customer application specs)
Plasma Monitors Receivers and LCD Displays
14" Data (Mitsubishi 6405/15-37 Khz)
15" SVGA FLAT SCREEN (Up to 1024 x 768)
17" Data (Tatung 1790/30-76 Khz)
17" SVGA (Up to 1280 x 1024)
18" SVGA FLAT SCREEN (Up to 1280 x 1024)
18" BLK SVGA FLAT SCREEN (Up to 1280 x 1024)
18" Flat Panel Monitor NEC 1830 Black
20" SVGA FLAT SCREEN (Up to 1280 x 1024)
20" BLK SVGA FLAT SCREEN (Up to 1280 x 1024)
20" Flat Panel Monitor NEC 2010 Black
21" MultiSync (NEC 6FG/27-79 Khz)
20" HDTV w/Tuner/Monitor
21" SVGA (Up to 1600 x 1200) DiamondScan
27" MultiSync (Pan. 2700/15-38 Khz) SVGA
30" HDTV w/Tuner/Monitor
30" NEC LCD Monitor/Receiver
29" MultiSync (Mitsu 2930/15-82 Khz) SVGA  
37" Plasma Screen Hitachi CMP307
37" MultiSync (Mitsu 3715/15-38 Khz)
37" MultiSync (Mitsu 3725/26-64 Khz)
37" MultiSync (Mitsu 3730/15-85 Khz)
42" NEC Plasma Screen
42" Plasma Screen Fujitsu 4203
42" SONY Plasma (Native 852 x 480)
50" Plasma Screen Pioneer
61" Plasma Screen NEC 61MP1
61" Plasma Screen Pioneer
Wall and table top setup included in price.
Floor Stands for plasma / monitors are extra
Monitor Accessories
Wall mounts f/18" & 20' LCD Displays
Floor Stand Ass'y for Plasma Screens
(Floor base, 2 - 72" poles, 2 - slider adapters)
Extron DVS-150 Scaler
Extron DDS-100 Scaler
Plasma Stand PSD 84"
audio visual rentals
LCD Projectors
EPSON 7200 (1024x768-1000ANSI Lumen)  
EPSON 7250 (1024x768-1300ANSI Lumen)
EPSON 8000i (1024x768-2200ANSI Lumen)
Eiki LC300 Video 300 Lumens
Sharp 690 SVGA 600 Lumens
Sharp 3000 SVGA 1000 ANSI Lumens
Eiki 970 SVGA 600 Lumens
Eiki 7000 XGA 600 Lumens
3M 8650 SVGA 1100 Lumens
Sanyo XP10 XGA 1900 Lumens
Sanyo PLC-9000 XGA 2100 Lumens
Sanyo XF10NA XGA 3000 Lumens
Sanyo PLC-XF40 GA 7700 Lumens
Lens Short 1.2:1. Semi 3.5:4.6:1, Long 7.0:1
HP 2000 DLP Projectors
Barco 8100
Barco lens (1.5 - 3.0)
top audio visual equipment
Video Monitors
5" Receiver
8" Receiver/Monitor
13" Monitor/Receiver
13" Recover/Monitor (Pal/Secam)
19" Super Monitor/Receiver
20" Receiver/Monitor (Pal/Secam)
27" Monitor/Reciever
27" Sony Wega Monitor
27" Receiver/Monitor (Pal/Secam)
29" RGB Monitor (Pal/Secam)
25" Monitor Sony PVM2530 (RGB)
32" Monitor Sony PVM3230 (RGB)
31" Monitor/Receiver
35" Monitor/Receiver
45" Projection Receiver
51" Projection Receiver
60" Projection Receiver
67" Retro Projection Monitor
Other A/V-Related Products
20" TV/VCR Combo Unit PANASONIC  
13" TV/VCR Combo
19" TV/VCR Combo
27" TV/VCR Combo
Sony SVO-2000 SVHS HiFi Auto Repeat VCR
Sony UVW-1400 Betacam SP deck auto repeat
Pioneer DVD-7400 NTSC/PAL DVD player
1/2" VHS
1/2" Super VHS Player/Recorder
1/2" SVHS Editing Deck Pan. AG1980
1/2" VHS Player (Pal/Secam/NTSC)
1/2" VHS-C Recorder
3/4" U-matic Player/Recorder
3/4" U-matic Player (Pal/Secam)
Sony 8mm or Hi 8mm Recorder
Sony Betacam SP UVW1400 Recorder
Sony Betacam SP UVW2800 Recorder
DVD Player
DV-CAM Player/Recorder
Extron RGB-202xi
Extron P2DA6 1 in - 6 out 15pin D-sub
Extron P2DA2 1 in - 2 out 15pin D-sub
Extron 2 in / 2 out VGA switch/DA
Extron ADA 6 300 RGBHV 1 in - 6 out DA
Extron SW6VGA-AS 6 in - 1 out switcher 15pin
Inline IN-2005 Universal Interface
Inline RGB Switcher 2-6 in -1 out
Inline VGA Switcher 2-6 - 1 out
Inline RGBHV Switcher 6 in 1 out
Inline RGBHV Amp 1 in -4 out
Inline RGB Dist Amp
Inline VGA Dist Amp
Inline IN-2067 MAC Dist. Amp
Sony DSC-1024H Scan Converter
25' RGBHV Snake
50' RGBHV Snake
75' RGBHV Snake
100' RGBHV Snake
audio visual rental equipment
audio visual equipment
Sound System
JBL powered speaker - individual speaker  
AKG wireless microphone set
(lavalier, headset, handheld, receiver) - Wired Microphone
Anchor 1000x Powered 50-watt Speaker
Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro Audio Mixer
AV Mixer (Panasonic MX-50)
Time Base Corrector (FOR A FA-300)
Video Enhancer (IVE-100)
Folson Screen Pro
Hand Held Wired Microphone
Lavalier Wired Microphone or Headset
Shure PZM Type Mic
Shure ULX Wireless Hand Held Mic
Shure ULX Wireless Lavalier Mic
Floor/Table/Boom Stand
Anchor 1000 Powered Speaker w/Stand
Anchor 1000 Slave Speaker w/Stand
Liberty Powered Speaker w/ Stand
Liberty Stand Speaker w/ Stand
JBL Eon15 G2 Powered Speaker
EV S-1803ER, 1503ER Speaker (600 Watt)
JBL TR-225 (Dual 15")
JBL MR-825, TR-125 Speakers
EAW JFX 100 Speaker Slave
EAW KF650Z Speaker Bi-amp
EAW SB528ZRI Dual 18" Subwoofer
4 Channel Mixer
6 Channel Powered Mixer
8 Channel Powered Mixer
12 Channel Powered Mixer
16 Channel Mixer
24 Channel Mixer
32 Channel Mixer
40 Channel Mixer
Soundcraft Mixing boards
Shure FP-16A Press Bridge
DBX Driverack Processor
DBX 31Band Dual Channel EQ
Audio Hum Eliminator
Powered Amps (200 watt-2400 watt)
16 or 24 Channel Audio Snake
Dual Cassette Deck
Marantz Cassette Recorder
DAT Recorder
Audio Cassette Duplicator
5 Disc CD Player
Gentner Phone Interface
Polycom Conference Phone
top audio visual equipment
VHS Camcorder  
S-VHS Camcorder
VHS PAL Camcorder
8mm PAL Camcorder
Canon GL1 DV-CAM
Canon XL1 DV-CAM
Sony DXC D-30 with PVV3 Dock & Studio Kit
Sharp Mini-DV Cameras
Video Lighting Kit
Tripod for Camcorder
Studio Configuration Tripod w/Dolly
audio visual rental equipment
Black Pipe and Drape - includes hardware (priced per ft)  
Tomcat 12X12X8 Box Truss
Tomcat 20X20X10 Box Truss
Trooperette Follow Spotlight
Par 64 Specials
Source 4 Ellipsoidals
Dimmer Packs
Lighting Controller - 12 Channel
Ultimate Light Stands (8 lights max.)
Standing Oak Lectern
RTS Base Station w/ Headset
Additional Headset
Language Interpretation System -2 headsets
Additional Interpretation Headsets
Staging (Please call for sizes)
Overhead Projectors
Overhead Projectors
Hi Intensity Overhead
Elmo Xenon Overhead 7800 Lumens
Opaque Projector
Visual Presenter (Elmo EV-500)
35mm Slide Projectors
Kodak Ektagraphill Projector
Navitar Brite Light Module
Xenon Hi-Intensity Projector
Navitar Slide to Video Converter
Kodak Viewer/Projector
Kodak Audio Viewer w/ cassette
Dove X2 Dissolve Unit
AMX Wireless Remote
audio visual rental equipment
Projection Screens
4', 5', 6', 7', 8' Tripod Screen
10' or 12' Roll up Mod-C
6' x 6' Fastfold Screen
6' x 8' Fastfold Screen
6' x 8' Fastfold Screen Truss
7.5' x 10' Fastfold Screen
7.5' x 10' Fastfold Screen Truss
8' x 8' Fastfold Screen
8' x 12' Fastfold Screen
9' x 9' Fastfold Screen
9' x 12' Fastfold Screen
9' x 12' Fastfold Screen Truss
10' x 10' Fastfold Screen
10.5' x 14' Fastfold Screen
10.5' x 14' Fastfold Screen Truss
12' x 12' Fastfold Screen
11' x 31' Fastfold Screen
12' x 16' Fastfold Screen Truss
15' x 15' Fastfold Screen
15' x 20' Fastfold Screen
16' x 16' Fastfold Screen
16' x 21' Fastfold Screen
Dress kits are same price as screens
Carts & Stands
32" Cart w/stand
2" Cart w/ drape or 54" Cart w/ drape
Safe lock Projection Stand
PII & PIII Laptops up to 900 MHz
PII, PIII & PIV Desktops up to 1.6 GHz
Bubble Jet/Ink Jet Printers
HP LaserJet Printers
Wireless Mouse
Meeting Aids
Laser Pointer
Speaker Timer
Cue Light - Wired or Wireless
Wireless Translation Systems - 2 Headsets
Tripod Easel
Flipchart Easel
Whiteboard or Corkboard w/ Easel
Slide Viewer Box
Walkie Talkie w/ Charger
Video Conferencing
PC Compatible Laser Printers/Fax Machines
HP4050N (16M, 17PPM, 1200DPI, Pscpt, 8-1/2x11)  
HP4100N (32M, 25PPM, 1200DPI, Pscpt, 8-1/2x11)
HP5000N LaserJet Printer
HP8000N (16M, 24PPM, 1200DPI, Pscpt, 8-1/2x11 & 11x17)
HP8150N LaserJet Printer
Lexmark Color Printer (Heavy Duty Office)
Duplex Option f/HP4050N
32M Upgrade f/HP4000/5000
IBM Keyboard & Mouse -white
BLACK Keyboard & Mouse (PS/2)
Office-Jet Plain Paper Fax/Scan/Copy/Print
Speakers (Set of 2)
100M Zip Drive (No Media Included) USB
250M Zip Drive (No Media Included) USB
HP LaserJet 3150 Fax
HP LaserJet 3200 Fax
 We have many other options for your faxing and printing needs.

 Please give us a call for more info.

Network Accessories
Ethernet Hub (8-port/RJ-45/10/100)  
Ethernet Hub (16-port/RJ-45/10/100)
Ethernet Hub (24-port/RJ-45/10/100)
25' RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
50' RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
100' RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
Linksys Wireless Access Point
Linksys Wireless PCMCIA Card
Linksys Wireless PC Card - PCI (requires 155-506 also)
NetGear 16-port Dual Speed Switch
Microsoft NT - Workstation
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access (use full Office package)
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Office
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