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Pentium Desktop Computers

Dell Optiplex P4-3.2Ghz (512M, 40G HDD, DVD-CD, 10/100 NIC)
HP P4-3.0 MT-Blk (512M, 80G, CD-RW, 64M Video Card, 10/100 NIC)
Dell P4-2.4 MT-Blk (256M, 40G, 32M GTS AGP, DVD-CD, 10/100 NIC)

Pentium Laptop Computers

IBM Mobile Pentium-4 3.06 (256M, 40G, CD-RW/DVD65K)
Dell Inspirion P4-2.8 (256M, 30G, DVD-CD,10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
HP P4-2.8 (256M, 30G, 24XCD-RW, 8X DVD, 56K,10/100NIC, Snd)
Dell Inspirion P4-2.4ghz (256M, 30G, DVD-CD,10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)
Dell Inspirion P4-2ghz (256M, 20G, DVD-CD, 10/100NIC, 56K, Snd)

Removal Tools

Malicious Code has become increasingly complex and infections involve more system elements than ever before. Symantec Security Response has developed tools to automatically conduct what would often amount to extensive and tedious manual removal tasks. If your system has become infected, the tools listed below should aid you in repairing the damage.


Wi-FI Hotspot Finder

Wi-Fi is affecting virtually every industry large and small. From airports to truck stops and coffee shops to warehouses, Wi-Fi is making its mark by making our lives a little easier. As Wi-Fi networks continue to expand through businesses, homes, and now public hotspots that provide wireless access locations for people on the go, compatibility is critical.

At Instant Laptop Rental, we believe in providing Wi-Fi compatible laptops and notebooks so you, our customer, can utilize and capture technologies full potential anywhere you go.

Instant Laptop Rental's laptops have built-in wireless components.
All laptops are certified to work with both 802.11b/g technologies.
Over 80% of our laptops are 'NEW'.
Click on the link below to help you find potential hotspots for Wi-Fi access throughout the United States. Many of these locations do offer FREE Wi-Fi access while others offer wireless access with Wi-Fi service providers.

JiWire Hotspot Finder Locate and map WiFi hotspots 

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If you are a multi-show exhibitor, we can offer you a national account agreement that will provide one competitive rate for equipment rentals and consistent service for all of your events nationwide. This enables you to know your costs and budget for your entire show schedule. We supply on-site IT & A/V technical services to support your events or presentations anywhere you go in the U.S., thus eliminating the logistical problems that result from having multiple contractors

Our services donít end once your rental equipment is delivered and installed. We understand that managing IT equipment means more than just "procurement". That is why we offer exceptional technical support and services. In addition to 24/7 support, our experienced technicians will work with you from installation until final completion of the project. Call 866-858-1174 or 818-687-3781 for prices

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